New Ham Store Opens in San Antonio

At the end of 2012, without any trumpets blaring or other fanfare, Gary WF5Y, aka Grumpy, opened his new store location at 2002 CeeGee Lane, San Antonio, TX 78217. He’s currently offering a line of Ham Radio pieces and parts, plus some Baofeng HT radios, antennas, wiring and coax, the various kits and electronic parts available thru his website,, etc.  He has a small selection of used equipment on consignment, and takes the attitude of “if you don’t see what you want, ask me about it.”

He’s worked some deals with Craig Kennedy (former owner of KComm The Ham Store) and other dealers, to increase his ability to supply current radios upon demand. Grumpy said he does not plan to stock a large number of new radios in inventory, as the profit margin just isn’t there now a days. He said it was almost impossible to compete on the basis of price alone, with today’s Internet market place.

Tim (from the old KComm Ham store) is available by appointment only, to perform installations in vehicles or at home.  Grumpy is willing to do some minor repairs, but said today’s radios are mostly surface mounted and need to be sent back to the factory under warranty if they develop a major malfunction.

Here are some photos I took during a visit on Saturday, February 2, 2013.

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