SK – Ed Larose KS5V 04-08-2013

Jean and  Ed Larose KS5V

Jean and Ed Larose KS5V

I received a text from Jean. Ed passed away this morning sometime around 3:00 a.m. She said “his pain is gone”.

Ed had been recently diagnosed at the VA Hospital with a very rare form of Stage 4 Cancer in his Bile Ducts (Gallbladder). Initially the doctors had given an estimate of 1-2 years, dropped this month to perhaps 6 months, all with proper medical treatment to extend to that date. Ed went on record to decline such treatment, saying he didn’t want to undertake expensive treatment just to prolong the pain another month of two.

Please keep the Larose family in your prayers as they say goodbye to a Husband, Father and Grandfather.  Ed didn’t want a funeral service. I will keep you posted on how you may want to pay your respects.

Andrew Watson, K5NNN


SK – Ed Larose KS5V 04-08-2013 — 3 Comments

  1. If you lookup Ed’s call sign, KS5V, you will see Ed’s mailing address. Please send all sympathy cards to that address. There will not be a funeral service or viewing per Ed’s last request.

  2. Ed was a BIG part of getting my license. That was some 20 yrs ago. I never would thought . Thanks Ed