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SARO is San Antonio’s largest repeater organization, with over a dozen supported repeaters in 6 meters, 2 meters, 220 and 440, including a DSTAR digital repeater. We have both voice and digital repeaters active.    SARO is also the trustee for the Bexar County ARES club call, K5BCA.  At present time, none of our repeaters are linked via EchoLink or IRLP, but there are quite a few other frequencies / repeaters in the area to fill that need.

Public Service Opportunities

SARO members help with multiple other non-profit or public service type events through out the year.  SARO is the lead organization behind the San Antonio BikeMS / MS150 ride in October.  Here is a short list of the major 2019 events for which SARO members can usually be found providing services:

  • June 8 – Texas Water Safari (Canoe race from San Marcos – Gulf Coast) (5 days) – Contact WB5ZJQ

For more info about the above list of public service events, or to volunteer for an event, please click on the CONTACT link for the specific event. You can also visit SanAntonioHams.org for more info about these or other events available.


2019 Membership renewals and new member applications are now being accepted. Please download and print a copy of application. If your call sign has renewed / changed, or if you are a first time member, please include a photo copy of your license attached to the application form.

Click here for membership application.

We need  you to include a copy of this application form for all renewals, don’t just mail a check or your renewal may get delayed until we match it up with an application form.  Application forms are always available at our quarterly meetings.

Quarterly Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are always open to the public, and visitors are always welcomed!  We hold our meetings on the 4th Friday of January, April, July and October, at a local restaurant.  Check out the News Blog section of this website for the date / time / location of our next membership meeting.

Board meetings are generally open to all members, and are held as needed, usually on a monthly basis.  Contact any club officer to find out the date, time and location of the next SARO Board meeting.

Did you know that the Skywarn Net is always on the 146.94 SARO Repeater?  You will likely be hearing a beep on the frequency to indicate that Skywarn has been activated, and the net control will be using a script similar to the following:

This is WA5UNH opening the SKYWARN Net on the 146.94 repeater. This is a directed net so please listen to the Net Control Operator for instructions. We will be asking for first hand reports of SEVERE weather such as high or damaging winds, heavy rain, hail, flooding, etc. We are not interested in where it isn’t raining or if you have blue sky overhead. Please only report what the Net Control requests unless you experience an emergency.

We are not interested in second hand reports from a TV or Radio station as they normally get their reports from us via the National Weather Service. You may hear a beep periodically in the background. That is the signal to tell you an official SKYWARN Net is under way. The Net Control will always use SARO’s club call sign of WA5UNH. This net will be activated by the National Weather Service by calling one of four designated net control operators from Bexar County ARES.

About This Website

This website is intended to provide information about our club and activities to the general public, plus provide a secure method of distributing information to our members.  The Members Only area is restricted to registered members of SARO. In order to gain access to this area, you must be logged in as a registered member on this site.  All web registrations are verified by a club officer prior to being “activated” for access to the secure area of this site.

Registering on this site is optional for our members, but does not automatically make you a club member.

All comments are moderated, but you do NOT need to register on this site in order to post a comment. When posting a comment, your name and email address will be required, but your email address will NOT be displayed to the public when the comment is approved by the moderator.