It’s time again! Our January quarterly meeting will take place on January 24, 2014 at 7:30 PM. 

We will introduce our new Board of Directors/Officers and discuss other business at hand. 

Gary has been kind enough to allow us to meet at his shop again – Grumpy Shop, located at 2002 Cee Gee, San Antonio, Texas 78216. 

See you there!

Mary Anne Horn, N5MYN

New User Subscriptions – Not Automatic

Due to excessive spam user registrations, we’ve had to temporarily disable new member / user subscriptions as of today. We’ve been getting slammed with 40-50 new registrations per day, none of them legitimate ham radio operators.

Every time this site received a new user request, it generated an email message that went to the webmaster, membership chairman, treasurer and club president. It reached beyond the minor annoyance point today after we had to delete 70+ fake users in the past 48 hours.

If you are a member of this club and wish to sign up to make postings here, please contact the Webmaster@sarepeater.net with your name & callsign. A user account will be manually added and your temporary password will be emailed to you. Please change that password afterwards.

Lee N5NTG – Webmaster

2013 San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon – Hams Needed

DSCF1493Ham Radio Operators are still needed to set up and coordinate the starting of the official timer clocks at every mile marker along the route. 

This year’s event coordination is being done by ham radio as usual.   Lee N5NTG is the coordinator for the ham radio operators working the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon on Sunday, November 17th.

AARO is our sister ham club sponsoring the communications for this event, and we’d like to help them out.  All volunteers will get a free t-shirt, and yes, they do have the larger sizes as well.

Typical Duties of the Hams: 

  • Friday, November 15th – Hams will be picking up their timer clocks at 6pm from Alamo  Dome Parking Lot “B” (off Cherry Street, north of Caesar Chavez, aka Durango).  There will be a briefing for all volunteers, t-shirts and extra maps will be passed out, and timer clocks distributed.
  • Saturday, November 16th – Hams should locate and verify their assigned locations during daylight hours, and compare available routes with the Marathon route and closure lists.  The actual mile marker location should have a written description provided to you, but the street should be marked with either paint or orange duct tape looking arrows.
  • Sunday, November 17th – Hams should be at their assigned locations, way before the race is scheduled to start. Wear your event t-shirt for identification and put your placard in the window to help you with local law enforcement.  Remember there will be a bicycle ride prior to the event, so the route will be closed earlier than you may think.

DO NOT PARK DIRECTLY ON THE ROUTE. Park your vehicle nearby in a safe spot, but the road itself must remain open from curb to curb.  You can park on a sidewalk, driveway (with permission of property owner, if available), nearby parking lot, etc.. Use good judgment when choosing your parking area as close to the timer clock position as possible.  You may need to walk a short distance to your clock to be ready to flip the on switch when announced.

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Upcoming Public Service Events – Charge Your HT Batteries

We have more public service events needing ham radio support during the months of November and December.  Below is a partial list, plus a preview of January 2014.  For a full list of events year happening all  year long, visit www.SanAntonioHams.org/blog to keep updated.

October Quarterly Meeting

DSCF2659It’s time again! Our October quarterly meeting will take place on October 25, 2013 at 7:30 PM. 

Gary has been kind enough to allow us to meet at his shop again – Grumpy Shop, located at 2002 Cee Gee, San Antonio, Texas 78216. 

See you there!

Mary Anne Horn, N5MYN



Silent Key


SK – Ray Wangler W5EDZ – 09-06-2013

 W5EDZ_Ray_WanglerRay Wangler, W5EDZ, age 86, born December 23, 1926 in San Antonio, Texas, passed away after an accident at his home on September 6, 2013.

Ray was a devout Catholic and an active parishioner at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church and was a member of the Knights of Columbus. Throughout his life Ray took great pleasure in breeding exotic birds and was a member of the San Antonio Bird Club. He was an active Amateur Radio Operator licensed as W5EDZ for many years.  Ray was a former president and club officer of the San Antonio Radio Club. Continue reading

BikeMS Valero Alamo Ride to the River – Ham Volunteers Needed

SARO is once again looking for more Ham Volunteers to step up and help with this annual event.

Coordinating this year’s event is MaryAnne N5MYN, Charlie KC5NKK, and Lee N5NTG.

Cbike-ms-valero-2013-alamo-ride-river-09harlie KC5NKK is the point of contact for ham volunteers and assignments.  MaryAnne N5MYN is interfacing with the Tour Director and event staff. Lee N5NTG is coordinating the SAG teams, van pick-up and day of the event assignments.

We know that we need a minimum of 32 amateur licensed volunteers.  In addition, we would really like to have co-pilots for the SAGs (amateur license not required).

Below is some information about what we’ll need in order to cover this event “at a minimum.”  Obviously, we want to exceed this minimum and be ready to do this ride the right way, the SARO way!

At present time (7/25/2013), we have 29 who have said “yes” plus 4 SAG co-pilots, so we have a lot of recruiting to do yet. We would like to have at least 5 “spares” to cover last minute cancellations.  If you have friends or acquaintances (or even people you don’t like) who would consider helping (licensed or not) please contact them and let us know if you get any interest.

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SARO Quarterly Meeting


SARO Quarterly Meeting

April 26, 2013  –  7:30 pm

Grumpy Shop Ham Store

2002 Cee Gee, San Antonio, Texas 78217


I look forward to visiting with you!

Mary Anne Horn, N5MYN